Jessica Gauthier

Online Portfolio

No, Watson, this was not done by accident, but by design.

- Sherlock Holmes

Design is a tool to resonate attitude; acting as a constant, influential voice. I would like to generate new experiences and establish new interactions between people, their environments, and the objects within these environments, always using a pragmatic, provocative and responsible approach. I always design first and foremost with a purpose for a purpose. I am methodical; I don’t leave things to chance; this is not to say I don’t take risks. I love to break down barriers and reinvent boundaries, however I am meticulous and a perfectionist. I think one of my greatest skills, as a designer is my creative ability as well as my drive and tenacity to achieve the goals that I am faced with.

I have acquired technical skills through various stages of education and through personal study. Two years in Illustration and design at Dawson College gave me a background in design softwares such as AutoCAD, 3D Studio Max, Illustrator, Photoshop, and InDesign. Also learned during this time were hands on techniques of airbrush, sculpture, painting and rendering in various mediums. Having gained such skills contributed in the evolution and success of my work throughout my time at Concordia University, where I have also broadened my design portfolio to include 3D and spatial design. Experimenting with new techniques and technologies such as CNC Milling and STL Printing, has also provided me with the capacity to diversify between both 2d and 3d works.